Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breedists Running Amok

OK, you might ask what is a breedist?
Short and easy answer is one that has such dislike over a whole breed of dog that they would like nothing more than than see them go out of existence because they are misinformed dolts.
Unfortunately, thanks to what Rush Limbaugh refers to as the "Drive-by media", they perpetuate the breedism against a particular breed of dog with such sensationalism that they do play a direct role in people wanting to ban the Pit Bull dog breed.
And one of those that wants to do just that is a Pasadena, California city councilman wants to do.
Councilman Steve Madison is suggesting, shockingly, violating California state law and wanting to ban outright the Pit Bull from Pasadena city limits.
Oh, where oh where to start.
Let me explain to Mr. Madison something.
It is not the whole breed of Pit Bull, which there is not just one, that are bad. If any are bad, there are three factors.
One factor is how a Bull comes into the world and is nurtured. If he or she is from a street litter and is essentially raised on the streets so to speak, one can expect probably a scared pup around humans. Or one that protects itself in a natural animal fashion.
Another factor and most important is the Bull that is with an owner or owners and the home environment and, this is really important, how the Bull is trained.
The reason that Michael Vick's Pit Bulls were bad is because they were bred and trained to be that way. Yet many of them were essentially retrained and are in loving families. Those that could not be are at no-kill shelters and they are still being worked on to realign their behavior.
The third factor is that in many ways, certain musicians, entertainers, athletes seem to be connectected with the toughness of the Pit Bull.
All three factors in this overactive, hypersensitive society have made the Pit Bull persona non grata in the world of dogs.
It is rather sad that this has occurred. But it is a reality that needs to be stopped.
While there is some bad info in this Wikipedia link, there is an important thing that this link does note.
That Pit Bull is in reference to three particular breeds. They are the the American Bulldog, the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. Now the American Bulldog probably does not fit the classic that most people have been made to be afraid of. Nor the often winning Bull Terrier at the Westminster Dog Show.
Another important and I think telling aspect of the misconception of the Pit Bull is this section which deals with the kind of people attracted to and probably abuse and turn Pit Bulls into fighters.
Now lets get back to Mr. Madison.
He kind  of shows his hand by the fact he owns to Maltipoos (a cross breed of Maltese and Poodle) and makes this snarky comment:

“I doubt there’s a stack of cocker spaniel fatalities they’re hiding from the newspapers.”

Although I doubt it as well, why is it front page news when a suspected Pit Bull kills but not say a Labrador Retriever?
Well, there have been cases in which a Lab has in fact killed children. Here is one from South Carolina. And another one in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Oh, and both of these were puppies.
My point is that when any dog feels threatened, they will do what animals do. Strike back. Even if to us as humans there is no threat whatsoever.
While the breedists can't really admit it, what they are really afraid of are the dog owners. Because to admit that would open them up to charges of racism and or classism.
Again, many people that own a designer dog breed, like a Malitpoo, are probably people who can afford it, train it, and treat them like their own children.
This is an excellent website called The Truth About Pit Bulls.
It makes the point that the Pit Bull was once considered an excellent family pet. That it was lauded. And now because some people have decided to live their false machismo through. . .their dogs, people want to not address the root problem but blame a whole breed.
Which leads to another thing.
Many breeds we love today were bred for rather yucky things. But today almost all are wonderful members of the family.
Thankfully, the Pasadena Humane Society led by Presdident Steve McNall is speaking out and totally against this hysteria. Mr. McNall is spot on for calling it what it is, discrimination.
You know, about 70 plus years ago, some dude in Germany said that Jewish people were not all that. Hell, in his mind they wern't even human. Throw in other like the Gypsies, the homosexuals and other perceived opponents of order and well, you had Hitler, World War II and over 20 million people killed because of being perceived as different.
Now before you go crazy suggesting that I equate dogs with humans, not at all. But as I am pro-life I am also pro animal welfare, not rights. And this goes totally against animal welfare.
I think Mr. Madison should listen to the wisdom of fellow Councilman Margaret McAustin:

“We shouldn’t let up on our efforts to control dangerous breeds, but dogs are trained to be aggressive by people who want aggressive dogs. We have to get at that behavior. The problem we really have is irresponsible owners, and if we can’t regulate the dogs, we have to regulate the owners.”

And that is how we begin to help the Pit Bulls and stop such over reaction.

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