Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Week To Go And Mitt Romney WILL Be The Next President

Yup, the 2012 Presidential Death March is now in the final turn as one week from tonight, the American people will finally go to the polls and choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
And next week at this time, it will be President-elect Romney and Vice-President Elect Paul Ryan.
Now it may come as no surprise that I would predict that outcome. But it is not just pulling a rabbit out of the hat here. It is looking at polling trends and where the actual enthusiasm lies.
With no doubt, the enthusiasm is on the side of Mr. Romney and the Republicans.
Rally after rally in battleground states more people are turning out for the team of Romney/Ryan over the incumbent Worthless Leader, President Obama and his dolt of a running mate, Dim Wit Joe Biden.
Now you ask, what about those polls.
I will give you something interesting to look at.
Over this past weekend, the Left Angeles Times published its poll of the presidential race in California. And not a surprise but the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is comfortably ahead against Mr. Romney. The number is 54%-40%.
So you say, why should I get excitcted? I mean, Cali is Blue as Blue, right?
Yes, but the numbers are kind of down to earth for the Worthless Leader, President Obama. Remember, he won California in 2008 with 61% of the vote. If you look at the poll in comparison to four years ago, the Worthless Leader, President Obama has lost at least six percent. And if one takes the plus/minus of 2.9% (round it up to three percent), it could be that the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is as low as 51% and Mr. Romney is as high as 43%. Or go the other way and it is 57% for Team Obama and 37% for Team Romney. But judging from around my neck of the woods deep in very Blue Pasadena, the enthusiasm is defiantly a reversal of four years ago. A lot more Romney/Ryan signs around and Republican candidates in general. Sure, there are some Obama/Biden signs, but nowhere near the overwhelming number last time around.
So, my guess is that the GOP will probably not win California, but the Dems, they are not going to have a 24-point win this time around. I think that it is probable that it will be in the single-digits this time around.
Look at the swing states.
We are now seeing Team Romney doing what I think is smart and that is expanding the map.
The reason is because they see openings in unusual areas for the GOP.
A recent poll in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune shows the Worthless Leader, President Obama, ahead of Mr. Romney, 47%-44% and that is within the margin of error. So, Team Romney is now doing ad buys there. And forcing Team Obama to spend money that they don't have, oh the irony, to defend a state they won by over 10 points last time around.
And Pennsylvania is also trending Team Romney and they are doing the same thing there. According to the Real Clear Politics average for Pennsylvania, the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is up by under five points. Meaning it is now worth Team Romney making a serious run. Buying broadcast air time and making a going-in-debt Team Obama spend more money in another state that they won by 10 points four years ago.
And here is Team Obama having to buy broadcast time to defend Michigan. And Team Romney looking at some other states like Oregon and Washington.
While all the numbers outside of each candidate's base states look close, it is the trend to look at.
And the trend is going Team Romney's way.
And one other thought is the general felling around the nation. That things just do not seem right. The economy should be doing better. People should be able to find work a lot easier than they are now. People on the cusp of retirement worrying if they actually can do so. There is a growing anxiety among the populace.
And the populace may be yearning not so much for "Hope and change" as much as for "Stability".
And that is why next Tuesday evening at this time, Mitt Romney will be President-elect.


Will S. said...

You don't think that Obama's supposed 'bounce' from appearing all 'presidential' in the wake of Hurricane Sandy will carry him through to the White House again?


Will S. said...

BTW, how's David Q. doing?

Tell him I said hi, and that the manosphere misses him; thanks. :)