Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obligartory Second Presidential Debate Post

OK, let me get this out of the way.
The Worthless Leader, President Obama, was better tonight in the Town Hall presidential debate between he and the GOP standard-bearer, Mitt Romney.
But before you liberals choke on what ever you are eating that I do give the current occupier of the White House credit, the fact is Mr. Romney was steady and this debate is a draw but to get out of a room and having to choose one, I would choose the Worthless Leader, President Obama.
And why?
Because of the format and the fact that CNN drone anchorman Candy Crowley picked some, to be blunt, stupid questions.
There were 11 questions that Mrs. Crowley chose from 80 supposedly undecided voters.
So, what were some of the winners?
One question rehashed a Democrat talking point on women and equal pay for equal work mantra.
Why is it a dumb question?
Because when the left and Democrats trot out the "women only make 72c for every dollar a man makes in similar or the same work" line, it is just stupid. If that were the case, there would be few men working and almost everything being done by women. It is one of the ruses the left loves to put out there to create a sex-class warfare issue that is just not there.
Another question dealt with revisiting the so-called assault weapons ban that has lapsed and makes  the United States an armed camp.
Just a wee bit o' sarcasm on that last line.
But really, I know that there are people that do have a concern about it, but I did think that Mr. Romney did answer the root of gun violence overall much better than the Worthless Leader, President Obama did.
Yet there was one and only one question about foreign policy and it was about, surprise, Libya.
Oooh, this is where the Worthless Leader got his feathers in a bunch. Why don't question him and his  commitment about protecting out diplomats. Especially in place like the whole Middle East that is convulsing toward Islamofacist states right before out eyes. And how dare Mr. Romney try to score political points on Libya by having a press release the day of the attack. Which BTW was on 9/11.
Only Mr. Romney did not release a statement about Libya. And that has been lost in all of the back and forth. The statement dealt specifically with the assault on the United States embassy in Cairo, EGYPT, in which the American flag was removed and replaced with the Black Flag of Islamofacist death. It was in response to the tweets and a senior embassy official that was condemning the supposed slight to the Islamocrazies. The infamous movie trailer for some beyond weird movie seen by less than 10 people in a Hollywood theatre for "The Innocence of Muslims".
It is very important to get it right WHAT Mr. Romney was really commenting on that day.
And he should stand by it and ask is it right to condemn the Freedom of Speech that is guaranteed under the United States constitution.
After all, as a Christian I do not go after people for supposed slights to my religion. After all, it would be a full-time job, right?!
But clarity is important and when the Worthless Leader, President Obama, is trying to obsucfate what Mr. Romney said and make it about what he did not comment on Libya, it has to be called out.
But here is the thing.
It is just not the best format as it is now.
A moderator should not winnow the questions that these 80 people wanted to ask of the two candidates.
Because both candidates are expecting certain questions and are all ready for them.
By simply picking the people at random and not screen the questions other than for relevance and it not go into the gutter, just ask Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith or Miss Rodirguez, whoever what they want.
No matter what she will say, Candy Crowley had to let her own biases get in the way of the questions that she chose for the candidates.
Now there is a commission that puts on these debates, right? Let them chose the questions. And lets make it an even two hours.
We need the kind of question that neither candidate expects to be asked. We need to know how they react to the unexpected. Otherwise, as it was tonight, both candidates just get to polish up their talking points.
These debates end up being about style in the end. It helped then Sen. Messiah Barack in 2008. It is helping Mr. Romney now.
The last, thankfully, debate is this Monday evening.
Maybe we can get some better questions and answers from the candidates.

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