Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some More Signs Romney Is Surging And Obama Playing Defense

OK, I alluded to this yesterday in this post on the reason Mitt Romney will be the president-elect next Wednesday.
A sign of a campaign on the rise is when they have the cash to expand the electoral map.
And that is what Team Romney is doing now.
As noted, Team Romney has done a nice ad buy that is forcing Team Obama to spend $2,000,000 to keep Michigan in Blue territory.
And let us not forget that Team Romney is spending money in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Why not a little in Oregon? The last poll showed that while the Worthless Leader, President Obama is ahead, he is at 47%. Remember that the Worthless Leader, President Obama won Oregon 57%-41%. If this is true, look for Team Romney and or its allies looking to make a last-minute push to at least make it close. Same can be said in Washington state.
Of course some of this can be nothing more than a lot of head games messing with the Team Obama campaign.
But note that Team Obama, they are not going into any Romney state. They have all but given up on two already, Florida and North Carolina. Combined that is 44 electoral college votes. And look at Indiana. A narrow Team Obama win in 2008, it is gone. And so are 11 electoral votes. And that makes a total of 55 electoral college votes. Colorado and Virginia are two more states that Team Obama is playing defense. And then there is Colorado and Iowa. Again, the numbers are moving Team Romney's way. Lose those and Team Obama loses another 15 electoral votes.
The picture is clear.
Team Obama is all about playing defense. Hoping that they will be able to cobble just enough states to hit the magic number of 270.
Team Romney is all about not just getting to 270 but taking at least one or more surprising states. And as Guy Beeson explained to Politico, it is getting to 300 electoral votes. And explaining that the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain was just trying to get to 270. In fact, Sen. "F--- You" McCain was in the end trying to defend the battlefield rather than seriously expand it. And if you want to see a rerun of that, keep watching Team Obama's campaign. It is a reversal of fortunes.
Bottom line is that Team Romney is surging and going on the offense. Team Obama is all about defense and in a sense running out the clock. I would put my marbles on the team playing offense at this point. That is Team Romney.

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