Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time For Team Romney To Expand The Map

On this past April 29th, I wrote this post that suggested that if Mitt Romney is indeed the Republican presidential nominee that he should be able to play a large field rather than the narrow swing states and if that does come to pass, make a play or a head-fake for such places as, yes, California.
It appears that in the next 17 days, that could, and I stress could, be a possibility.
And it should.
I explained that California GOPers can use something positive and now would be a good time.
So, why not send the Vice-Presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) on a swing through California? I mean, not in Democrat strongholds but places like Orange County? The Inland Empire? The Central Valley?
One thing that I can tell you is that there is much more support for Romney than there was in California for the ill-fated McCain/Palin campaign. Sure, having then Gov. Palin on the ticket was energizing, but the results do not lie. The GOP ticket in California did not break 40%. It only got 37% of the statewide vote.
If California Republicans can use a lift, what about those in New York State? Connecticut? Maryland? Delaware? Illinois?
There are some parts of the country that are still going to resist voting for the GOP ticket. But as I wrote in that post, this has to be a nationwide campaign. What needs to be done is bleed Team Obama and make them have to send big guns into unexpected places.
Doing that is what winning campaigns do.
The polls are not all that over the place. Steadily they are breaking for Mr. Romney. Some are out there, but by and large, the swing states are beginning to break for or now solid in Team Romney's corner. Here is some of the latest polling from Real Clear Politics.
Think about this.
Team Obama did exactly the kind of strategy in 2008 Team Romney should do now.
I mean, Barack Obama had no chance to win Wyoming. But he went there. In this reddest of Red states, Team Obama snagged a couple of counties. Did the same in equally Red state Utah and the same result.
Sometimes you don't go places because you really think that you are going to win. It has to be done when things are going your way and you look at a big picture.
Because of Team Obama playing a more national campaign in 2008, Democrats made some huge gains in the House of Representatives and the senate.
That is why Team Romney needs to think about expanding the field.
With the debate schedule ending this Monday night, I think it is the right time for Team Romney to force Team Obama into some big mistakes.
It is time for Team Romney to expand the electoral map.

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