Tuesday, October 02, 2012

An Interesting Pre-Debate Story

I must admit that considering that The Boston Globe was very, very anti-Mitt Romney in his run for governor and when he ran, this story is in fact rather instructive on how Mr. Romney was kind of sort of the underdog in that governor's race in 2002.
In the linked article, then like now Mr. Romney had a lead and then lost it against the Democrat candidate, state treasurer Shannon O'Brien.Then like now Mr. Romney was running against a special candidate. A woman then, a Black now. And Mrs. O'Brien gained a huge advantage among women voters, which brought Mr. Romney's poll numbers down.
But then Team Romney got together for a bbq, barnstormed and realized the nice, nice campaign had to end. Mr. Romney had to get tough with Mrs. O'Brien.
And tough he did.
He even ran an interesting ad against the then state treasurer as a not too swift sleeping basset hound and not as a watchdog on the state legislature. It is one of the most talked about ads still today in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts.
Then like now he did have a few missteps, but they were overcome by an aggressive campaign that turned any O'Brien attacks against him on her.
At the end of that campaign, the polls showed Mrs. O'Brien and Mr. Romney in a dead heat. Mr. Romney ended up winning the election by about five points.
Bottom line is this.
Those that want to write Mr. Romney off and think that he will have a terrible debate and it is all over and we should just coronate King Worthless Leader, President Obama, the winner are mistaken.
This is a man that concluded a very brutal Republican death march primary. In all there were 19, yes 19 debates. And while he did not win them all, when his back was up against the wall, Mr. Romney rose to the occasion. Just ask Newt Gingrich.
And while Mr. Romney does not have to land a knockout punch, all he does have to do is have a command of facts, act presidential, not be personal in any attacks and I think that some people, yes even people that right now seem to be in the Worthless Leader, President Obama's corner, take a second look.
Yeah, women did in 2002. Mr. Romney was down 18 points and ended up losing the women's vote by five points.
He moved the needle just enough.
And that is really what he has to do tomorrow night.
Just ask Shannon O'Brien about that.

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