Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh Yeah, The Romney Surge Is Real

Read it and weep, my friends:

Romney     47.6%
Obama       46.1%

That is the national polling average at Real Clear Politics.
The Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, has surged at the right time against the Worthless Leader, President Obama.
There is no doubt that the public, over 60,000,000 that watched the two men debate last Wednesday are beginning to believe that Mr. Romney does have what it takes to be president in these difficult times.
There is no doubt that the GOP standard-bearer was behind the Worthless Leader, President Obama before last week's debate. And it was clear that Mr. Romney had to have a great debate and hope that it would help breathe life into a kind of sort of blah campaign.
In fact, if you look at the chart from the link above, Mr. Romney was pretty flat-lined at 45% to the Worthless Leader, President Obama's 49%. But look at the huge ground made up from Wednesday to Wednesday. While three points does not seem like a big deal, it is how Mr. Romney went ahead. But the Worthless Leader, President Obama, dropped three points and it would appear to be in a free-fall.
Tomorrow night, the respective vice-presidential candidates, the current one, Vice-President Dim Wit Joe Biden and the GOP number two, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) have their only debate.
A lot has been going around how Rep. Ryan will mop up the floor with Vice-President Dim Wit Biden. It is so bad that Vice-President Dim Wit Biden has been off of the campaign trail for six days prepping for this encounter.
For us, the bad thing is that the Vice-President has not said anything dumb, stupid or dangerous.
Too bad.
Maybe Vice-President Dim Wit Biden is just saving it all for tomorrow night.
But the bottom line is this.
Mitt Romney got to show the American public what he is all about without the filter of the Obamawhore front guard media. He was coherent, clear about what the problems are and the solutions to them.
On the other hand, the same public saw a distant, disengaged president that could not say anything that he has done has made the United States a better place in any way. In fact, it is as if the president was incensed that he had to actually be there in the first place.
And that is when the tide turned.
Huge percentages in instapolls right after the debate said not only that Mr. Romney won, but that people were willing to give him another look.
Some had to  be people that would vote for the Worthless Leader, President Obama. Some were undecided. Some had not seen Mr. Romney and it was their first time and they were impressed.
The Romney Surge is real. Tomorrow night could very well add to it. If Vice-President Dim Wit Biden makes a total fool of himself and Rep. Ryan comes off similar to Mr. Romney, it will make the Worthless Leader, President Obama's job in the next debate harder. And in between Mr. Romney could gain even more support in the polls.
We now have a race on our hands and the real question may very well be this.
Is there any Blue states that Mr. Romney will be able to pick up in 2012?

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