Monday, April 09, 2007

Wrong About Imus-Somewhat

I guess I am wrong about the reaction to the tasteless Don Imus joke about the Rutgers women's basketball team.
I will not rehash it all, see my earlier post on the subject.
But, it is the usual race hucksters like the "Reverend" Al Sharpton-who should be in jail for lying about Tawana Brawley-and the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson are commenting on it. And today, Mr. Imus is going on Mr. Sharpton's radio show to beg forgiveness for being racially insensitive.
I for one kind of like Don Imus. Yea, he is pretty much a liberal. After all, to regurgitate an Imus phrase, he was Sen. John Kerry's (D-Ma) "butt boy" during the 2004 election. Sen. Kerry could have opened up a campaign office in the Imus studio. But, he says outrageous things. What he did and said during the aforementioned broadcast was what he and his crew do any given morning. To be honest, I have heard much worse on any given morning when we used to get the broadcast in the Los Angeles market.
I am not totally sold on the criticism of Mr. Imus. Until the rest of the mainstream media jumps on the Imus should be fired bandwagon, then it is the usual suspects. And thus, somehow this will be swept under the rug. Why after all, Mr. Imus is going to beg for Mr. Sharpton's forgivness. He should tell Mr. Sharpton that he belongs in jail for perjury for knowingly ruining the lives of numerous New York City police officers regarding the "rape" of Tawany Brawley. Something we now know never happened. But that will not happen. Mr. Imus will go on, beg forgiveness and the media will pat him on the head like a dog and he will go on.
Too bad that would not be the case for any given conservative talk show host who may have done the same thing.

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