Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Imus Flap-Sorry

I know, I said that I would not comment anymore on the Don Imus fiasco, but there is something to say about what Mr. Imus said before the infamous comment that got him thrown off the air.
In yesterday's New York Post http://nypost.com, sports columnist Phil Mushnick had some interesting information regarding one of the recruits of now hero Rutgers women's basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer.
Ever heard of Shalicia Hurns? Well, she is a real winner. Miss Hurns had been thrown out of two other colleges and in one instance, she was arrested for drugs and a hit-and-runs accident. So, of course Miss Stringer went after this stellar athlete. Well, Miss Hurns did not even finish the season. She was arrested, again, this time for holding a girlfriend as a hostage. And to boot, the hostage was bound. As if that was not enough, the coach was not apologetic at all.
Miss Stringer told USA Today at the time, "I am not calling it a mistake. I don't apologize for anything."
WOW! Maybe Mr. Imus should have taken this approach when ol' "Reverend" Al went after his job. If the I-team did a little research, maybe this would not have deteriorated into the fiasco that it became.
One lesson about this mess. We should not make heroes out of those that are not all that clean. Miss Stringer should not have been so elevated. But it does not excuse Mr. Imus for the outrageous comments.
I wish that all of this was on the table before everyone had their say and it may have put the overall comments in a different light.

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