Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mc Cain Is Officially In-I Was Wrong

In a post earlier this year, I predicted that Arizona senator John Mc Cain would not officially enter the Republican race for the presidential nomination.
Today, he announced officially that he is a candidate for the GOP bid and I am here to write, I was wrong.
But, I still do not think that he will be the GOP standard bearer. I think that it will probably be the former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney.
Sen. Mc Cain has done way too much to alienate the very kind of voters that he will need to win the Republican nomination. He needs conservative GOP voters. There is a long laundry list of why he will not get those voters and I will go into them here. For the most part, they are well known, but that is another posting.
For the record, if he is the Republican nominee, it will be much easier for me to vote to Sen. Mc Cain than Rudy Giuliani. Whereas Sen. Mc Cain has gone out of his way to tick off conservatives, at his core he is a conservative. Mr. Giuliani is not at all and seems to not care to reach out to the majority of Republican voters, the ones that vote in primaries.
But, Sen. Mc Cain is officially in and now the official race gets really interesting.

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