Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now For True Diversity, Put A Conservative In The Sports Room

In today's Los Angeles Times a sports writer by the name of Mike Penner wrote a beautiful tome about how when he comes back from his upcoming vacation, he is going to be, Christine Daniels.
I kind of wonder, what if he went from Christine Penner to Jack Daniels? I wonder, has he had way too many Jack Daniels?
Be it for me to say that it is not possible that some people really do believe that they are the opposite gender, but is it really necessary for Mr. Penner to write about the sports section?
Call me old fashioned, but I like to go to the sports section, read about the games the day before, check out the line scores and look at the horse races, entries and results. I really do not want to read about some staff member going through his mid life crisis.
I am sure that they are all high-fiving each other about the diversity in the sports room over at the Left Angeles Times, but here is one for them.
I wonder if a conservative sports writer, or worse, a believing Christian, can use the sports page to come out of the closet? Now, that would be diversity!

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