Friday, April 20, 2007

Tell ABC To Get Rid Of A Whole Lot Of Rosie

Yesterday on the infamous ABC daytime show, The View, the infamous Rosie O'Donnell said two, yes I know only two, dumbfounding comments.
Of course, she condemned the United States supreme court in the decision upholding the ban on partial birth abortion. That is fine, people have different opinions. But the following is just, well, you be the judge.
Miss O'Donnell asked, incredulously, how many of the supreme court justices were Roman Catholic. Why you may ask? Well because, by coincidence all the justices who voted to uphold the ban are Roman Catholic, and we all know that they must take their marching orders from the Pope, and we know the Roman Catholics are anti abortion. Then, Miss O'Donnell added a new branch to the federal government. She said, "The separation of church and state, the judicial, executive, legislative branch..." WOW! I did not see that separation of church and state branch in the constitution under the separation of powers. Well, I think Miss O'Donnell is clearly a product of public schools. For the record, I am too, but I actually paid attention in civics class. I am not sure that they teach civics any more. Back on track.
I know that people actually watch this show, thus they should at the very least not get open bigotry that someone like Miss O'Donnell claims to be against. Also, it should at the very least get accurate information about how the government works.
Please, let your feelings be heard as you can e-mail ABC at, go to ABC Contact at the bottom of the home page. I did and if more people do, then maybe we can do one of two things. Get Rosie a little educated so when she does mouth off, she knows what she is talking about or get her off the air.

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Dan said...

Rosie O’Donnell Grabs Crotch, Tells Trump to "Eat Me"
Rosie O'Donnell unleashed her fury on one of her favorite targets -- Donald Trump -- at a lunch yesterday attended by her boss Barbara Walters ... and a gaggle of high school girls.

"The View's" resident flamethrower was the MC at the luncheon celebrating women in New York media, and took the opportunity to rail against the Donald again, says at one point grabbing her crotch and shouting, "Eat me!" -- which made Babwa drop her head and cover her face on the dais.

One attendee called Ro's outburst "inappropriate," given that there were 17 teenage girls in the room, but her rep said, "She's a comedienne. She says things that are provocative."

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