Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ding Dong, The -itch Is Dead!

Since this is a family blog, I can not write the whole -itch word, but as Barbara Bush once said it rhymes with witch.
Now, the good news. Rosie O'Donnell, the far-out co-host of the ABC daytime "women's" gabfest The View, is off the show as of June. She claims that ABC and her could not agree on the contract. I do not care, she will be gone and I think it is because ABC saw the writing on the wall. GO AWAY!
I believe the real reason was that Miss O'Donnell may have gone too far in all but accusing members of the supreme court as taking orders from the Pope in Rome in the recent partial birth abortion ruling. That really seemed to get under people skins. A mass e-mail and letter writing campaign started last Friday, so the timing of this announcement seems a little too convenient.
Let me say this. Miss O'Donnell is entitled to her opinions and no one is trying to shut her up. But, when the opinions are not well thought out, emotional and devoid of even a modicum of common sense, then something has to be done. And I think the people saw that and the suits at ABC may have made the "contract negotiations" so that she would turn them down. If that is what happened.
All I know is that reasonable, well thought out, thinking and opinion is what I look for, both on the right and left. When that does not happen, well just ask Don Imus. Also, mean-spirited vitriol, which has been her trademark of late is not becoming of someone who built her reputation as the "Queen of Nice."
So, ding dong, the -itch is dead! Huzzah! Huzzah!
A hat tip to radio talker Laura Ingraham for taking a leading role in the e-mail campaign to express our displeasure when Miss O'Donnell went on her anti-Catholic rant against the supreme court.

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