Thursday, April 05, 2007

I May Be Right About McCain

Before you read on, please see my post on the "candidacy" of Sen. John McCain for president. (See post under 02/27/07)
I predicted that Sen. McCain may not run for president.
Fast forward to today and look at National Review under "I'm not putting money on this."
Craig Crawford of the Hotline is now running that as speculation. But the fact is, Sen. McCain is just not doing all that well with money or polling data.
I still say that Sen. McCain will not run for president. I also do not think he will endorse a candidate.
I wonder where all the Senator's support will go? I think it will go to Mitt Romney. I don't think Sen. McCain wants to see his supporter back a loser in Rudy Guiliani or a second-tier candidate. We shall see.

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