Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"The Real War On Terror"-NOT

In a great column by Debra Saunders http://www.townhall.com today, she points out the folly of the Democrats who keep telling the biggest lie to Americans that the real War Against Terror is in Afghanistan, not Iraq.
The reality is that the Democrats need to look tough somewhere and they have tried to sell a snow job on the American people that if we just left Iraq and sent more troops to Afghanistan, the War Against Terror would be won and there would be peace on earth.
Unfortunately, once you read the column of Miss Saunders, you will realize that Afghanistan, on a lesser level, is already like Iraq. And, to follow the Democrat "logic", Iraq is in a civil war and we can not have our troops in the middle of a civil war.
Oh, here are some examples of civil wars that as of this writing, American troops are right in the middle of.
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Columbia and the big one of all, Korea. Korea?! Well, there is no peace treaty. Technically, there is a cease fire and no armistice. It can disintegrate at any time and our 37,000 troops there will be sitting ducks.
The Democrats need to come clean and be honest. They want out of the War Against Terror, period. If they got their way in Iraq, they will want out of Afghanistan, thus taking the United States out of actually fighting the War Against Terror.
Read the column, then comment.

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