Friday, April 20, 2007

Sen. Harry Reid-No Profile In Courage And A Liar

Senate majority leader, Harry Reid (D-Nev) said Wednesday after meeting with President Bush that the war theatre in Iraq is lost and that Secretary of State Rice and Defense Secretary Gates agree with him.
First of all, Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics wrote on his blog that he was interviewing Miss Rice while Sen. Reid made his treasonous comment and she told him that the war is far from lost. There has been no comment from Mr. Gates.
Second of all, does Sen. Reid really think that in a few short weeks, the surge will put down every bombing and or attempted bombing? No, he does not and he lies about it by insinuating that it would. Gen. David Petraeus has said that at the minimum that it could take on the short end six to nine months to get a total handle on the situation in and around Baghdad.
Third, why does the administration let this outright lie go essentially unchallenged? I think that many are buying into the DDBMSM beltway thinking that Pres. Bush and the administration are not getting anywhere trying to convince the Democrat congress or the majority of the American people on board with the surge and to give it a chance. That is wrong. If Pres. Bush and other administration officials go on the offensive they may be able to have just enough support from the American people to give the surge a chance. They must challenge and refute statements like that of Sen. Reid.
If Sen. Reid really believes that the war in the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror is lost, why does he not just call for a vote to cut off all funding for the war and bring the troops out of Iraq? Because he does not really know where he stands, just like the majority of Democrats in congress.
I think that President John F. Kennedy must be rolling in his grave to think that this is what the Democrat party has become. Pres. Kennedy would not have backed out just because things are not going perfectly or the way we thought it would.
So called leader Mr. Reid is no Profile In Courage. He is a coward.

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