Friday, April 06, 2007

And Being A Prisoner of War Is NOT An International Incident?

I am grateful that the 15 British sailors and marines who were taken prisoners by the Iranian navy were released. But, why were they captured in the first place?
Well, the sailors basically said today in a press conference that they had no choice. Their main ship, the HMS Cornwall took off and hung them out to dry.
But what really makes me perplexed is the comment of British Royal Marine, Capt. Chris Air. He said the following,
We were completely surrounded, and in addition to loss of life, and attempt to fight back would have caused a major international incident and an escalation of tension within the region.
So, Capt. Air, does giving in and being taken as, essentially, a prisoner of war NOT constitute an international incident?
Of course it does. I think that the problem was that the British navy and the rest of the British armed forces are under bizarre rules of engagement that allowed this to happen in the first place.
Why did the Cornwell not go up against these Iranian naval pirates? They would have in a different time and place.
There is why these sailors and marines were taken in the first place.
Also, for a marine to make that astonishing statement is really bizarre. I mean, marines are the fiercest fighters in any nation's armed forces. In this case, they folded.
I don't actually blame them. I mean, when you are not even backed up by the big boys, so to speak, why should they risk their lives and fight back? And if the rules of engagement are to fold under these circumstances, will this not happen again?
That is the real question. I don't have a definitive answer.
But, I know this. We can not fight a serious war with the Islamofacists and their allies-and do not believe that Iran does not side with the Jihadists against the West-then we will see this happen again and yes, it is humiliating and yes it is a green light to the enemy.
Let us be clear, whether they chose to fight or not, being taken a prisoner by a hostile regime does constitute an international incident.

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