Monday, April 23, 2007

Reid vs. Bush-Reid Will Lose

Sen Harry Reid (D-Nev) seems to think that he will show President Bush the way on the war in the Iraq theatre on the War Against Terror. According to Fox News, Sen. Reid said that the Democrats will show him the way and that they are reaching out to Republican members of congress to forge some kind of bipartisan plan that would, essentially, set the artificial time table to withdraw all troops from Iraq and or stop funding of the war. On both counts, good luck.
Here is what probably will happen.
President Bush will veto the funding bill in the current form, the Democrat leadership will huff and puff but not be able to blow the house down. In other words, the Democrats will have to fund the war as is and not put in any artificial time table for withdrawal and there will be some time to show more progress.
What Sen. Reid is doing is basically keeping the Democrats on the offensive, as he sees it. But, he has made more than his fair share of moronic statements in less than a week and thus discrediting himself and the anti war Democrats. Last week, he said that the war is lost and he had to backtrack. So far, today's speech is too early to gauge the public and or Republican reaction. Sen. Reid also let it be known that the Democrats look to gain seats in the senate in next year's election at least due to the state of the war. So, run this for political gain? So typical of the power-hungry Democrats.
Sen. Reid may just be setting the race for next year between fringe anti war wackos and the rest of America, which at worse is very ambivalent about the war. A senate leader should never put party ahead of war aims, but that is what Sen. Reid is doing.
At the end of all this, Sen Reid will lose and President Bush will get the funding, at least for now, with no strings attached. This will have all been for naught and the Dems will once again look weak in the long term War Against Terror.

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