Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Bush Is A Very Hard Person To Deal With?"

According to Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-New York), President Bush is a very hard person to deal with when it comes to pulling out the troops from Iraq.
Well, DUH!
What Sen. Clinton does not understand is that President Bush does not want to pull the troops out of Iraq using any artificial time lines that she and her Democrat colleagues want. Yes, some day they will come home, but not until the job is done.
So, Sen. Clinton spoke to the National Democratic Jewish Council yesterday and she told them "(Bush) is a very hard person to deal with on these issues" particularly for agreeing to Democrat tactics on getting out of Iraq.
I know that the Democrats think that their ascension back to the legislative branch in 2006 was due to the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror, but at some point, unless they want to be blamed for American defeat, they will have to work with the president on winning the Iraq theatre.
But, they do not.
Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev) all but said that the Iraq war will get them more seats in the senate and house. But, at least he did not say how hard it is to deal with President Bush.
What it sounds like to me is that Sen. Clinton is on another Democrat whine.
"I'm not getting my way on Iraq! George W. Bush is sooo hard to deal with because we are not getting our way!"
Please, Sen. Clinton. Here is a clue for the Democrats. How about being for VICTORY ? How about putting aside the political considerations and put the interests of the United States first?
Well, that is not going to happen and what does that mean? Does that mean President Bush should say how hard it is to deal with the Democrats?
The terrorists who want to kill us must be rolling in laughter around the caves in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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