Friday, April 20, 2007

Romney Getting The Ca$h From The San Fernando Valley

Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, is winning the money war for the GOP nomination-at least in the San Fernando Valley in California according to the Los Angeles Daily News
In an article in today's edition, Gov. Romney has raised $526,850 in the first quarter. Next is former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani who has raised $379,335. Sen. John McCain came in third at $202,875.
I think this is a better indicator of support than the national polls showing Mr. Giuliani ahead usually around 30-35%. Although, according to Real Clear Politics Gov. Romney is now at a 10% overall average and moving up in polling data as well to match the money.
Also, this goes against the so-called conventional wisdom that Mr. Giuliani has so much wide support in California. That is important as when the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary are done, its here to California and even here organization and money will matter. Hence, if we look at these money figures, Gov. Romney is far ahead in cash and will be ahead in organization.
Gov. Romney is only going up while the other two so-called front runners are going down. It is going to be a very interesting primary season.

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