Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If They Would Only Do This Today

Here is a blurb from a 2007 calendar entry for April 9, 2007:
April 7, 1807:
New York City passed a bill that the mayor can be paid no more than $500 a year.
Oh, do I wish that our legislators would do this today!
Instead, they look to being in government as a career and how to line their pockets with cash and other goodies. And worse, they try to tell us that they need the pay and goodies because they can not survive on the salary and benefits accorded to them.
Here is a clue. One should get some experience in the private sector, put some of that money away for the future and then run for office out of doing a public service, not a public fleecing. We would get better government from people that have actual real world experience.
Won't happen in my lifetime!

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