Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why Do We Not Hear Of The Democrat Congress Abysmal Ratings?

In a post last Thursday on the Democrat congress overall polling numbers not being much better than when the Republicans where in charge last year at this time, I noted we do not hear much about that.
It seems like last year at this time, there was not a day that went by and a new poll cropped up at how awful things were in the United States under the Republican control of both the executive and legislative branches of government. We were led to believe that life was so awful, the public could not wait to throw the Republicans out and give the Dems 50 plus seats in the House of Representatives, maybe even 10 in the Senate.
Of course, that did not happen and with not so great polling numbers, the Republicans did not do that badly, only losing 30 house seats and six senate seats.
But, where is the cry about the rising gas prices? How about the economy going down the toilet? The wild fluctuations of the stock market? The highest home foreclosure rates in years?
As I suspect, the media will not talk about any of these issues the Democrats brought up in last year's mid term election. That would hurt the Dems, and that can not happen now. The United States is simply counting down the seconds to rid us of the Bush era and coronate any Dem to the presidency.
As I write, don't hold your breath to get the truth about what the public thinks of the Democrats in control of congress. Oh yes, the latest poll from AP/Ipsos has a 40-57 percent positive/negative congressional rating.

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