Thursday, April 19, 2007

Remember, The Jihadists Watch TV Too

A random thought about the nauseating decision on the part of NBC news to show any portion of the video rantings of Virginia Tech massacreer Cho Seung-Hui.
Do they think that the majority of Americans want to see such garbage? Apparently so for according to the Drudge Report NBC news lead the ratings race on Wednesday evening according to the preliminary Nielsen ratings.
Are ratings that important if the network might have taken an even further look and realized that the Islamofacist terrorists also watch TV? I mean, they are looking at how this is covered in all ways. Some journalists refer to the massacre as a "tragedy" and others use such words as "massacre", as I do. Many of the same journalists also referred to the 9/11 attacks as a "tragedy". By airing the ranting video, NBC is saying, do something out of this world, make a video diatribe and we will "agonize" over it and put portions of it on the airwaves.
I think that when there is a next terrorist attack against the United States, the terrorists will learn from this and make their own video nonsense and one can only wonder if it will end.
NBC news could have at the very least waited until the first of the killed students bodies were buried to air any of the video, but ratings seemed more important. Decency never seems to get in the way of a buck.
It is a good thing that some of the victims families pulled out of an interview with NBC news. That will send a powerful message.
Unfortunately, another powerful message is, commit mass murder, make a video and send it to NBC. I am afraid the Islamofacists will next time.

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