Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts About The Virginia Tech Carnage

I have some random thoughts about the massacre of 32 students yesterday at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA. I waited until today until there was more substantiated information rather than the conjecture that often occurs in the minutes and hours after an event of this magnitude.
Firstly, this is NOT a tragedy. A tragedy is a natural disaster. When a clearly unstable individual takes guns and murders 32 people and then, cowardly, takes said gun and blows his head off, it is murder, pure, plain and simple. Someone needs to get that through the many correspondents of the DDBMSM that keep calling this a tragedy. It was a massacre.
Secondly, there will be plenty of time to debate the merits, or lack thereof, of gun control. Now is not that time as the emotions of those involved and not directly involved are all over the place. Rightly or wrongly, the mass murderer, a South Korean born Cho Seung-Hui, apparently bought the guns used in the carnage legally. Authorities are clearly doing a through investigation and it seems that Mr. Cho did buy his weapons of death legally. Let us wait until all of our emotions are in a better state to make the gun control debate.
Thirdly, people like Michael Daly http://nydailynews.com who write clearly insensitive columns trying to link guns purchased in Virginia to crime in New York need to cool it. People are rightfully grieving and your horribly insulting column is why average people are turned off from the DDBMSM who have nothing better to do than to kick people when they are done. How would Mr. Daly have liked if someone in the immediacy of 9/11 wrote a column about how maybe New York City brought on the terrorist attacks? We do not need vindictiveness like that of Mr. Daly and how dare the New York Daily News print such garbage.
Forth, there are clearly a lot of young people and even professors who were heroes yesterday. Those people I personally salute and hope they are honored in some way.
Which leads to this. There are many who criticize the campus police and school administration as to how this happened. Let us remember, Virginia Tech is a small city with as many as 26,000 students and university staff. The campus police is not that large and while they were investigating the original murder of the two in a separate dorm hall, realize that was probably a diversion by the murderer Mr. Cho. It worked. Campus police are clearly not prepared for an event of this magnitude. Let the overall investigation take its course before slamming the police and administrators.
If there is any moment to pray to almighty God for guidance, now is it. I know that God is crying now to think one of his creation would do something this evil. But out of this will, and already has, come some good.
This is clearly the worst mass murder in United States history and we will be talking about this for days to come.

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