Saturday, July 04, 2009

You Are Now On The Air With Sarah Palin

As of July 26, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is going to need a job to pay all those legal bills her left-wing Democrat opponents have hoisted on to her.
I do not have any information, but offer a suggestion.
Sarah Palin, radio talk show host.
Oh, I know that some of those who read this could fall out of their chairs and laugh, but read on.
Between 1976 and 1980, a former presidential contender named Ronald Reagan provided five-minute radio commentaries, five days a week across the United States. The commentaries were wide-ranging and on current events from Mr. Reagan's perspective. The then former California governor also wrote a newspaper column and delivered speeches. During that four-year period, it was the best way that Mr. Reagan kept his name out in the public square and built up his very dedicated supporters.
Now, in a little bit a different circumstance, Sarah Palin has a huge following among conservative Republicans. Even her resigning from the Alaska governor's office will not change that. But, if Gov. Palin really wants to be a player of any kind, she has to find a way to keep herself in the public eye.
An interactive radio talk show would show how she does communicate with a wide swath of people. It could be two or three hours a day. Ten to 15 hours a week. A great deal of time to educate herself on a whole host of issues. Talk about those issues near and dear to her. To interact with callers. To learn how to deal with those who will call and challenge her on a whole host of issues.
Another thing is that a radio show can be done anywhere. With modern technology, she can do her show from her home in Wasila. Or a studio in any of the lower 48 states. Or on the road. And, she would reach as wide an audience as Rush Limbaugh.
Imagine this.
For years, Rush Limbaugh has been the top dog in conservative talk radio. Everyone else is fighting for second place.
Without a doubt, Gov. Palin could sign with Premire radio, Talk Radio Network, and be on a lot of stations that Rush is on now. A wonderful one-two conservative punch. Rush then Gov. Palin.
And, there are very few successful women talk show hosts on a national level. Laura Ingraham is the first one that comes to mind. While there are others as Tammy Bruce or Monica Crowley, Gov. Palin would be the most unique conservative radio talker.
And no doubt, she would make more than enough to pay the legal bills, sock away some money for the family and even begin a presidential campaign within two years.
The other aspect will be to see if Gov. Palin can be attractive to middle of the road voters. Free from a left-wing media onslaught, Gov. Palin could tackle the issues on a talk show as she sees fit. And no doubt, many who had been poisoned by a media that hates her could tune in, listen and really make up their own minds. Without the spin.
As I write, Gov. Palin needs to make some big bucks. And pretty quickly. Being a national radio talk show host would solve those problems. And be an opening no one in the pundit class sees coming.

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DoorHold said...

I like it!

There's no way to know if she's got radio talent, but she should at least try.

(As long as she doesn't skip out on her radio contract early ...)