Sunday, July 26, 2009

Juan Williams Explains All

In watching Fox News Sunday, regular panelist Juan Williams, no right winger, explains the Henry Gates, Jr. saga and President Obama's role in blowing it out of proportion.
If you choose, you can endure time with the Obama press flak, Booby Gibbs. Yea, I meant Booby! But, if you want, speed it up to the panel segment. It is the first subject of conversation.
Bottom line.
President Obama should have had a better week than he did. Had he not filibustered another news conference and stuck to the so-called health care "reform", no one would be having this conversation about race relations.
Because President Obama stuck his nose in it: remember the line, "I don't know all the facts."? Anyhow, because President Obama could not resist slamming a whole police department, his attempt at selling the so-called health care "reform" snake oil went right down the toilet. And, all the Sunday talking heads were talking about this Gatesaquidick fiasco. And the so-called health care "reform" snake oil? Second banana.
The post-racial president should watch Juan Williams explain it all and that Mr. Gates, so-called scholar, was way in the wrong. I think that Mr. Gates did not know who he was messing with.


Nikki said...

I watched this too...Jaun was honest and credible. Shame on the Obama apologists. :)N

friedmsw said...

Gateaquidick....I like that name. When will the Obama worshipers learn?!