Saturday, July 11, 2009

President Obama An Anaheim Angels* Fan?

In this blog, I have long maintained that the Obama presidential campaign mantra of "Yes we can!" was not all that original.
Now, I take this with a little levity, but finally someone has noticed what I have maintained.
That President Obama stole it from the then California Angels and their battle cry for the miracle 1979 campaign, "Yes we can!"
In this article in the Orange County Register, former California Angel player Don Baylor said this:

"I think President Obama stole that from Angels fans," Baylor joked.

Of course it may not be true. Or could it? Have we ever seen Barack Obama at his "beloved" White Sox field? Hmm. Could it be that when he attended Occidental College here in Los Angeles that he took some trips into Orange County? Maybe got caught up in the "Yes we can!" hoopla? And, many a moon later, maybe he thought, "that sounds like a good one! Yes we can!".
We probably shall never find out the full story.
But hey, why not throw out a new conspiracy theory for the heck of it!

*The Angels are NEVER referred to as "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" on this blog. They are referred to as the last official name, the Anaheim Angels.

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