Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Is Gallup Right For Once?

Well, anotha shocka according to the Gallup poll.
The majority of those polled think-hold on to your seats-the Democrat party is too liberal.
Not really.
It is just that the American people are seeing a left-wing Democrat congress and left-wing American president at work and they are not liking it.
According to this poll, these are 1994-like numbers.
The bad news is that people are not exactly flocking to the GOP banner.
But, if the GOP gets some strong leadership, and that is possible if they eventually derail the crap and trade bill and or socialized medicine, there is hope.
The fact that people are beginning to wake up from the Hope and Change hangover and realize that President Obama's plans for the United States come with a huge price tag. Oh, and not to mention embarrassment abroad.
The GOP has to start showing leadership. That means not just saying no to the Democrats. It means offering real solutions. They are there.
That is what the GOP needs to take from this poll.

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DoorHold said...

That's too funny. They got EXACTLY what they always wanted, and now that the inevitable results are in, they're whining that it's too much, it's gone too far. Tough noogies.