Sunday, July 05, 2009

When The Pundit Class Is Wrong

I have noted on many occasions that many of the pundit class is just plain blind and or set in their belief that they know all and should be bowed down to.
I have noted how many of the pundit class were telling us around the end of 2007 that we should sit back and get ready for the Democrats to nominate then Sen. Hillary Clinton and the Republicans were going to nominate former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
And, how is President Clinton doing? And how was Rudy Giuliani's wondrous campaign?
The pundit class blew off then Sen. Messiah Barack. He was just to early. He has not done anything. Yada, yada, yada. But, what the pundit class missed what I did not. That Sen. Messiah Barack appealed to the Democrat base in a way that then Sen. Clinton did not. Sure, she had all the establishment at first. But, Sen. Messiah Barack's opposition to the Iraq theatre in the War Against Islamofacist Terror. That is what reeled them in.
How about how everyone was writing off Sen. John "F--- You" McCain? Because conservative Republicans split their votes, Sen. "F--- You" McCain rolled onto the GOP nod with 47% of GOP primary/caucus voters. Yeah, the pundit class really called that one.
Which leads to the pundit class once again writing off another politician.
Of course that would be Sarah Palin.
I found this from Steven Hayward over at The Corner on National Review Online. It is about another politician that the pundit class tried to write off. Yes, one Ronald Wilson Reagan. And, lets us not forget that with glee, the pundit class wrote the obituary of the infamous Richard Nixon when he did not win the California governor's race in 1962. I wonder how many of those pundits then kicked themselves for being so wrong?
Look, pundits are not prophets or sages. They can and often are wrong. I think that those that get out of the glass bubble understand the mood a lot better than those who are inside a bubble. Whether it be in New York City, Washington, D. C. or any other power area. One of the reasons that good, smart radio talkers are more in touch with the people is the nature of what they do. And, many radio talkers are not based in the likely areas of power. But, they can be wrong too.
That is why I will not write off Sarah Palin anytime soon. And no one else should either. Especially in this age of the permanent campaign.

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