Sunday, July 19, 2009

Please Let 2010 Be The Year To Retire Ma'am Barbara Boxer

God love Ma'am Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Cal.) .
I mean, she is one of the most left-wing members of the United States senate. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But what makes Ma'am Sen. Boxer, well, hmm, I guess interesting is that she is a walking caricature and stereotype of the liberal mind.
Take this encounter with Henry Alford of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.
The background is that this is a hearing on Ma'am Sen. Boxer's favorite subject after being for unfettered access to abortion for all women. Globaloney Warming.
Mr. Alford is one of those deniers. You know, that there is strictly man-made Globaloney Warming. That the so-called green agenda is leading to way to the mythical green economy that will produce millions of jobs that advocates from President Obama on down keep carping about.
Well, how dare Mr. Alford, a Black man, be against the green agenda. How dare Mr. Alford, a Black man, be against the crap and trade legislation that Ma'am Sen. Boxer advocates. How dare he!
So, Ma'am Sen. Boxer proceeds to inform Mr. Alford and those in the hearing room that she is entering a Pew Research study that backs her claims about the so-called green economy. No problem. Maybe full of crap, but it is her prerogative. Then, Ma'am Sen. Boxer proceeds to inform all that she is entering a statement of support from the NAACP and the leader of a group called the 100 Black Men of Atlanta that seems to support the pending crap and trade legislation.
Mr. Alford could see that there is a pattern and could take no more. He proceeds to tell Ma'am Sen. Boxer that she is condescending. That why is she going out of her way to mention two Black organizations to back her position?
Oh oh!
Then Ma'am Sen. Boxer is taken aback. She says that she is citing the two groups as proof that there is-get this-a diversity of opinion on the subject. How rich! This coming from a leader of those that believe there is no diversity. That Globaloney Warming is so real that crap and trade needs to happen yesterday. Ma'am Sen. Boxer is trying to shame Mr. Alford that if these two leading Black organizations support her position, why can't Mr. Alford and his group.
Mr. Alford does not back down. As Ma'am Sen. Boxer proceeds to defend herself, Mr. Alford keeps asking her to cites others. That she does not need to specifically cite known liberal, left Black groups like the NAACP. Then, Mr. Alford says that as an African-American, and a veteran he is insulted, Ma'am Sen. Boxer says that her husband is a veteran and she does not see what that has to do with anything.
You see, Ma'am Sen. Boxer lacks the self-awareness to grasp that not every Black American thinks the same way on any given issue. Had Ma'am Sen. Boxer gotten that, she would have realized that she was condescending and should have apologized. Let me help her, Ma'am. Diversity means that there are people like Mr. Alford. He heads a business group that does not think the crap and trade legislation is good for American business. And that it will hurt Black Americans more than others. Mr. Alford may not have the majority Black opinion on the subject, but who knows if the NAACP does either?
But talk about the Plantation mentality!
That was what was on display with Ma'am Sen. Boxer. Watch the whole You Tube clip. Ma'am Sen. Boxer is right out of the box hostile to Mr. Alford. And it never lets up. No wonder Mr. Alford later said that Ma'am Sen. Boxer was treating him like a jiggaboo.
Now, the rest of the United States sees what many of us see time and time again with Ma'am Sen. Boxer.
I noted that her claim to be a senator, the job that she worked so hard for, is that she is pro-abortion. Oh, she will use the euphemism "pro-choice" but make no mistake about it. She is pro-abortion.
I hope and pray that either one of three Republicans can take out this dweeb of a senator in the 2010 election. The three are California assemblyman Chuck DeVore, former radio talk show host Larry Elder or former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. Any one of these three is better than this embarrassment to this once great Golden State.


friedmsw said...

She's a left-winger. She won't be going anywhere. Haven't you heard that the libs are in power. None of them will go away so easily. They are all too drunk with power!

Anonymous said...

African American Dems need to watch a new film called: Maafa21. They will learn that those pushing a eugenic agenda are the same ones they are voting for. Blacks are the target of eugenics past and present and Maafa21 will document this to the biggest skeptic. See a short clip here:

DoorHold said...

Giver 'er a break man, I'm sure she has a black friend or two so she's not, like, racist or anything. That's why this story is buried by the MSM, it's not really a story.

(I know, I know, Liberals, by self-definition, cannot BE racist ...)