Thursday, July 16, 2009

Susan Roesgen Gets A Pink Slip-HOORAY!

Another victim of the Obama economy is about to be had as CNN hack Susan Roesgen is about to join some of the 9.5% of Americans on the unemployment rolls.
Don't remember Miss Roesgen?
Well, take a look at this to rattle the ol cranium.
Yes, it is the same Susan Roesgen that somehow thought her job description included:

1) Inserting herself into the story.
2) Arguing with people at a legitimate protest.
3) Clear lack of any judgement.

I think that The Other McCain hits it right on the head in this post. And, as a journalist, rule number one is you, said journalist, are not part of the story. And, BTW, a great slam, comparing this no-talent hack to another no-talent hack, Eleanor Clift of Obamaweek and the McLaughlin Group (does anyone still watch that show?!).
The only reason Miss Roesgen should have been part of the story is if she was saving someone's life. Not interjecting her overwhelming bias to a man who was trying to explain to the dolt why he was participating in one of the Tea Parties this past Tax Day.
While Allahpundit thinks Miss Roesgen may end up OBAMAMSNBC, I hope that she never gets another job in journalism. EVAH! Susan Roesgen is a disgrace to good, real journalists everywhere.
Hey, Susan, don't let the door slam your rear end too hard as CNN tosses you out!

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