Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Al Gore's Hometown Record LOW For July

Heh! Heh! Heh!
Globaloney Warming alarmist-in-chief Al Gore needs to explain to us how if we are in the midst of this unquestionable catastrophe how his hometown, Nashville, Tennessee had the lowest low in July since Rutherford B. Hayes was president. In case you forget, Mr. Hayes was president way back in 1877. That was a cool 132 years ago.
Explain it, Al. Explain it.
Do we have to endure a little cold snap before the whole world is as hot as Death Valley, California? BTW, as of this post the temperature in Death Valley is a balmy 115 degrees. And it is summer after all. So, 115 degrees in Death Valley is not exactly unheard of.
But, the low in Nashville on July 21 of 59 degrees, that is unheard of.
Think about the alarmism spouted by such Globaloney Warming believers as Al Gore, et al. They are trying to ram questionable science in an attempt to assault the free enterprise system. People like Mr. Gore really do not like the system that has made the United States the greatest power in the history of the world. And has produced unrivaled wealth and a strong middle class.
That is the thrust behind the Globaloney Warming alarmists.
They do not let facts such as cooling temperatures around the world get in the way of their narrative.
Even when it is the coldest July 21st in Nashville in 132 years.

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DoorHold said...

Record lows are being recorded world-wide. No -none-zilch-nada- global warming computer simulations predicted this could or would occur.

But, hey, the eventual RESULTS of those simulations (which always seems to be ten years from now -- long enough they don't feel accountable for the results, but short enough to prompt demand for action) are (somehow) absolutely indisputable.

Maybe this is really the advent of global cooling predicted by science back in the 70's?