Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gay Bishops A-OK In The Episcopal Church

In another baffling move by the leadership of the Episcopal Church, the current moratorium on non-celibate homosexuals not being ordained into ministry and or bishoprics is now no more.
In some fairness, homosexuals have been ordained as priests for years. But, the unwritten agreement was that they be celibate. But, with the consecration of New Hampshire Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson in 2003, this changed everything.
Bishop Robinson is not only openly gay, but lives with another man and makes no bones and or apologies for it. Oh, FTR, Vicky is really Bishop Robinson's first name. Strange, isn't it? Because of that and a whole host of actions by the modernist wing of the church, this battle has been a long time coming.
And now, the modernists have a huge victory. And, at most likely a very steep price.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, himself pleaded with delegates to the current General Convention taking place in Anaheim, California not to take this vote. Archbishop Williams said this:

“I hope and pray that there won’t be decisions in the coming days that will push us further apart.”

Insert the laugh track here.
The smugness of the modernists can not be derailed. They are the arbiters of the new truth that is sweeping the Episcopal Church. Never mind that members are leaving in droves. And not all fall easily into the traditionalist or modernist camp. Many are just tired of the fighting and want to focus on being at a church and not some endless protest rally for the cause du jour.
Read how out of touch the Bishop of Los Angeles, my bishop, Jon Bruno is with this comment:

"Being an Episcopalian means you can disagree and still worship together. We're going to leave the door open for all those who disagree with us to find a place here and peace here."

UGH! Bishop Bruno, are you serious?! Ask the clergy and leaders of St. James, Newport Beach. St. David's North Hollywood. All Saints, Long Beach. And a new one in the hit parade of parishes in the Los Angeles diocese to leave, St. Luke's of the Mountains in La Crescenta. These churches could not take your arrogance and falsehoods any longer and left. But, Bishop Bruno, you made damn sure they did not take the buildings and land with them. OOOOHHH!!!! So, you spent precious diocesan money to bite off your nose to spite your face.
Sorry for the tangent. It is off point, but you get the idea.
The reality is that the modernist really thinks that us traditionalists are relics. Great for the memories, but have no idea about the modern world and all the complications. We get no credit because they really do not take the time to understand where we come from. What we want. How both traditionalist and modernist can minister to people who are gay and lesbian. If they did take the time, they would realize that many traditionalists are not anti-gay. We just look at Scripture, Tradition and Reason and come to realize that same-sex marriage does not make sense in a Christian context. For me, I do not have a problem with a gay or lesbian pastor in my church. But, I would want them to be upheld as any one else not married. Celibate. Is that unrealistic? With an Almighty God, nothing is unrealistic.
The Anglican Church, and later in the United States, the Protestant Episcopal Church, was born not just because King Henry wanted a divorce. Yes, it was a catalyst. But there were serious and real disputes with the Roman Catholic Church over doctrine. But what is happening here is something that goes beyond a doctrinal dispute. It goes against the majority in what we call the Anglican Communion. Sure, when one looks at the representation in these General Conventions, it looks like the whole Church is modernist. But, there are large swaths that are not. Some have just had enough and left. Others, like myself, stay to witness to those that may be confused and even hurt by the comments and decisions that are supposedly made on behalf of the Church as a whole.
Yes, the modernist wing has scored a touchdown. But, there is always another game. And, what the modernists may find is that these actions will make them not part of the next game.

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