Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Need To Straighten Out Them There Racist Yankees!

I share the concern that Smitty over at The Other McCain has about the Bull Conner of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sgt. James Crowley. I feel the pain of the so-called Harvard scholar, Henry Gates, Jr.
I mean, how terrible that a black man in Cambridge should be treated in such a way has Mr. Gates was by Bull Conner Crowley!
Yes, I do think that people from the South need to speed up to Cambridge, post haste, to straighten these racists out. Especially them there coppers!
Oh, but I forget, some people in the Commonwealth may be racists.
After all, it was many an Irishmen in South Boston that did not want their children bussed from their neighborhood to-DA HORROR!-Black schools. And vice-versa.
Do you forget the forced busing of the 1970s? Oh, I am certain that many would like to forget. But I do remember. The same Irish that keep voting for Ted Kennedy to remain in the senate did not want the Blackies coming into their domain. And they sure as hell did not want their children going in to the Black neighborhoods.
Come on! Wasn't all that racism in the South only? I mean, the northern liberal elite would not stand for it in such a place like Boston. But, they did.
So, they need help once again because this Bull Conner wannabe, Crowley, just wanted to keep a successful Black man down. I mean, this same guy, Crowley, just teaches a class to fellow officers on, heh! heh!-racial profiling!
So, I offer any assistance that I can to those eeeevvviiiiiillllll racists in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You need help in your racism. You need to be cleansed.

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smitty1e said...

The patient has to be interested in the cure, sir.