Friday, July 03, 2009

What Will Sarah Palin Do?

This is the last one-for a while. Watch this video over at Real Clear Politics. This does not sound like some one slithering off the political stage anytime soon. But, Gov. Palin does cite the barrage of so-called ethics charges and their cost to the state. I think she will work very hard to set up a political action team and go right at President Obama. I think that we should have seen it coming, especially this little ditty from the soon to be former Alaska governor. I know that the trolls are going to be orgasmic about this, but I think Gov. Palin is doing what she does best. Being unconventional. Again, look at the current president. His rise was not all that conventional.

It is official now. Gov. Palin will not seek reelection and in fact resign her office on July 26. Her successor will be Lt. Gov Sean Parnell. He almost defeated current Alaska Republican congressman Don Young in last year's primary. Honestly, because nothing more was said, I do not know what to make of this. She is not going to go away. Mrs. Palin will now be free to either run for the senate seat or for president. Once she gets all the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, she can take three years to set up the presidential run. Having written that, I think she should have stayed on to the end of her term. But, remember, the American people elected President Obama who had not a real extensive resume beyond being an Illinois state senator. His time in the senate was unremarkable to say the least. Stranger things have happened in politics. Oh, this
does slow down the All Michael Jackson, All The Time news cycle.

Acoording to Jonathan Martin of The Politico, Gov. Palin will not run for reelection as governor. And there is a report from an Alaska television station that Gov. Palin will actually resign at the end of July. Hmm, maybe to run for the senate seat of Lisa Murkowski? Stay tuned.

Today at 3pm, Alaska time, Gov. Sarah Palin will be making an announcement at her home in the town of Wasila. Or, as our esteemed president once referred to it as, Wasilly.
Anyway, the speculation is rampant.
According to Jim Geraghty over at National Review, his sources say Gov. Palin will not run for reelection.
I think that is the case.
Gov. Palin needs to gain more income because she is in legal debt up to her eyeballs over frivolous charges that have been lobbed at her by her political opponents. Gov. Palin needs to get some money, well over $500,000 at this point, to pay the legal fees. And, they will not stop.
I would to see her run for reelection. She would win easily. But, when a politician has so much debt as Gov. Palin does, she has to think about her family as a whole.
Maybe she will be running for the senate seat currently occupied by Lisa Murkowski.
Sen. Murkowski was appointed to the seat by her father, former Gov. Frank Murkowski. A little bit o' nepotism? NAH!
It would be a great race. And, I think Gov. Palin would win that too and be elected senator.
Well, lets wait till 3pm, 4pm California time, for the big announcement.


Anonymous said...

This is bad news for Sarah and her supporters, but excellent news for the Republican Party. As long as she was going to get ridiculed and caricatured by the leftist Hollywood and MSM axis of weasels, the more conservatives would rally to her, and the more she would divide the electorate. She was/is a drag on the party. The public is only now learning about Todd's membership in the anti-American secessionist Alaskan Independent Party, and her lies about those ties, there's no way she was ever going to lead the Republicans back to the White House. With her gone, now we have a chance at defeating Obama. I didn't like the disrepsect she showed our flag this Independence Day weekend in those Runner's World photos, either.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

The only thing more ridiculous than the idea of Bible Spice serving in any capacity more intellectually demanding than a doorstop is the lengths her wingnut fanboys will go to, to rationalize whatever she does.

She's thin-skinned and crazy. She'll probably get a show on Fox "news."

As for electoral politics, Trigg's more qualified. She's as done as done can ever be.