Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Of Course, More On Sarah Palin

Leave it to Tony Blankley to write some real truth about the recent announcement by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of her impending resignation as governor.
Mr. Blankley starts off by a serious point.
That those of us who follow politics and or involved at any level do not waste time on political corpses. Meaning if what some of the pundit class is saying, that Gov. Palin is doomed for future office, then why five days after her announcement are we still talking about it?
And Mr. Blankley points out that Gov. Palin is very popular among rank and file Republicans. You know, the ones that actually vote in presidential primaries and or caucuses. Gov. Palin and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney are even in early polling for the 2012 race. And while not wildly popular with independent voters, many who may be conservatives but no longer Republicans, she has a lot of time to be able to connect with those voters.
Oh, and she does and will be the one politician outside of President Obama himself that can draw a crowd.
Take it from one who worked for both Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich. As Mr. Blankley points out that many of the pundit class wished that Mr. Reagan was more like George H. W. Bush, re: squish, moderate. Same for Mr. Gingrich. That he should have been more like his former boss, Bob Michel. Again, squish, moderate.
Yet, these two politicians that were often written off came back and led the GOP to victories in the 1980s and 1990s.
Same can be with Gov. Palin.
The fact is that she may be the one to bring back many conservatives that have left the Republican banner. If the latest Gallup poll about American political attitudes are correct, well Gov. Palin has a real shot at harnessing a real conservative coalition.
That is what scares the hell out of liberals, supporters of President Obama and so-called conservative pundits. That Gov. Palin will be more of a force outside the elected arena than serving out her term and running for reelection.
And, my view is that she should have done that.
But, we shall see if Gov. Palin does have some political savvy many people in the establishment of both political parties miss.
After all, Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich did just that.


coupons said...

She did good work as a governor.But her resign is not a good thing.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

What's ahead for Bailin' Palin?

A book deal (dependent upon very many overworked ghostwriters); speaking gigs for inflated fees; probably some kind of syndicated show (perhaps distributed online or via DVD); and a residence in warmer climes, with or without the retarded baby - though, as a prop, it's gonna be hard for her to top the retarded baby. So I'm gonna say the retarded baby goes with her.

The point? Lots of money, because you fanboys will certainly spend it on her as long as she maintains her physique.

Elective office? Hardly. She's toxic to all but the hardest of the hard core, and her skin is thinner than an onion's.

But she'll gladly bask in your masturbatory adulation for as long as she can milk it. Pun intended.

DoorHold said...

I can't know everything that's behind her resignation, but it sure LOOKS like a foolish move.

If it was to extinquish the vitriol, Snark's a perfect example of why that won't happen. Angry, bitter people will still be angry and bitter.

Anonymous said...

book deals, skin thinner than an onion, basking in adulation

Sounds more like a description of the current resident of the White House.