Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Smoke And Mirrors California Budget Deal

Finally, the state of California is on the road to a budget and the embarrassing IOUs will be a thing of the past.
But, it really is a kind of smoke-and-mirrors budget that does not one thing to address the fundamental problems of excessive state government and how the state raises revenues.
In fact, there may be a poison pen part of this deal that Republicans say they will not go for and that is the early release of up to 27,000 state prisoners and a commission that would address sentencing guidelines.
That potential road block aside, the fact is that the so-called education budget "cuts" will be restored when the economy improves. And, that means the legislature will pursue increases in education spending beyond the restoration of the so-called cuts.
And there is the usual budget gimmickry that continues to keep California in real budget deficit.
Again, not one single program was eliminated. Not one state employee position was eliminated.
And, a cut that is not a cut is not a cut. It is simply not increasing spending on any particular program.
Until the leaders of California, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, get a clue and institute serious budget and tax reform, all this "deal" does is the usual. It kicks the can down the road for some one else to deal with.
If a citizen of California wants to light a fire under the state legislature, a visit to ReformCal would be a good start. Download the petition and get more to sign. Making those most responsible for the mess have to be accountable to all the voters and citizens of California is a start.
Until then, another California budget "deal" will eventually be exposed as the scam that it really is.

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