Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guess What? Legal Dope In Cali Would Only Rake In $1,400,000,000 In New Taxes!

A California state assembly member has had this notion that if the state taxed marijuana, which is still illegal in the United States, it would go a long way to alleviating the ballooning $28,000,000,000 deficit.
But, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco-of course!) may have to put down the bong and realize that the tax boon he promises, well it is kind of all smoke.
It appears that a rip-roaring $1,400,000,000 would be raised in taxes if the dopey assemblyman's legislation ever saw the light of day.
This is according to the state Board of Equalization, the tax board.
So, if marijuana, still illegal in the United States, was taxed in California, that would still leave about a deficit of $26,600,000,000.
And, what about the possibility that people will not consume the herbolic refreshment if it is sold like cigarettes or liquor? Does that not affect the tax rate potential? And, how can anything be certain about the alleged financial benefit to California? There are no real accurate numbers of potheads because, IT IS STILL ILLEGAL in the United States. And yes, even here in California.
People like Assemblyman Ammiano are just like the junkies he represents. If we just get this one more tax, we won't have to make draconian cuts in state services. If we can find another revenue source, we can fully fund all these state services and programs. But, the junkies like our esteemed assemblyman never want to c u t the size and scope of state government. Because they are addicted to taxes. And to be able to go to their constituents and tout a pointless government program. That is the high these guys and gals get.
Again, I think that Assemblyman Ammino needs to put down his bong, scrap this meaningless legislation and work on a real long term solution to the California budget debacle. And I think that Assemblyman Ammino should read Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters and what may happen, and what has already happened to the once Golden State. I leave you with this:

We desperately need to straighten out our laughingstock government, balance the state budget and demonstrate to the rest of the world that we're still in the game. The alternative is economic and social decay.

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DoorHold said...

My laughingstock government (Illinois) can beat your laughingstock government any day! :P