Monday, March 29, 2010

Ricky Martin Come Out As "Fortunate" Gay Man-And We Are Shocked?!

The one time member of the South American boy-band, Ricky Martin, admitted today what I think much of the world already knew.
That he is gay.
And so, should the world stop? Nah. Not at all.
While many think, including Barbara Walters herself, that when she questioned him about his sexuality, it was the moment many decided that he was gay.
No, it was not the magic moment.
My theory is that there are not many heterosexual men that have two children as he did kind of sort of gave it away.
Also, I think that the real reason he came out is to test the waters at making some new music.
I think that he wanted to see how his fans would react.
Yes, I am cynical on this one.
When it comes to the greenback, and one is an entertainer, there is not much that one won't do for it.
I hope that Mr. Martin is happy and continues to be a good father to his children.
But the shock value of this announcement is natch.

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