Sunday, March 07, 2010

It Is A Sad Time When A Heathen Atheist Defends The Church Of England

It really is sad that a vowed atheist takes to defending the face of Christianity in England, the Church of England.
The linked column by a vowed atheist, Nigel Farndale, takes up the cause of the last real Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, and pushing back on those in England that now worship at the Church of Political Correctness. Or the Chuch of Anything Goes But Christianity.
Mr. Farndale gives examples of what rankles Lord Carey. But what I like is Mr. Farndale quoting Lord Carey directly. Lord Carey says that it is time for Christians, particularly the Church of England, to stop being like doormats.
What is interesting is the take of a non-believer as to the value of having an "established" church over no church at all. Mr. Farndale makes a stunning confession about life in a secular land:

Despite my atheism, I would rather we remained a Christian country with a politicised church than became a secular country with no established church at all. That, it seems to me, would be a colder and gloomier place to live.

When an atheist realizes that a faith tradition is not a bad thing, that it adds to rather than hurts a society as a whole, it is a revelation.
Mr. Farndale may be a heathen, a heritic, but he is one that has come to the realization that the Church of England is good thing. A very British thing. And one that is good for the society as a whole.
Now, if the Church of England can get a real archbishop, now that is a different post.

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Phoenixism said...

I like having a church around too. Who else would we hate?