Saturday, March 20, 2010

38% Favor The So-Called Health Care "Reform" Scam-And The Dems Are Pushing It Anyway

In the latest polling data from Pew Research, it shows that a rip-roaring 38% of those polled favor the ram-down so-called health care "reform" scam that will be voted on tomorrow.

If you go to the link, yes there is a sharp partisan divide.

But, and this is the key but, independents are very much against the so-called heath care "reform" scam by large numbers.

Take a look at those numbers. A strong plurality of 56% of independent voters oppose the current bill or bills moving in the House of Representatives.

Yet the Democrat controlled House under the stellar leadership of Speaker Jackass Nancy Pelosi is doing everything it can to ram through a bill that only 38% of people support.

Everyone has a theory as to to why this is being done in such a way at this time.

The one that I believe to be right is that the left believes that because so-called health care "reform" failed in 1993 under then President Clinton, that is why the Republicans had such an election romp. They believe that their base was demoralized and did not show up.

The reality is that the American people were fed up. They saw their taxes rise. The corruption in congress was non-stop. They saw a president and a congress not doing their job. Trying to pass legislation that, surprise, the American people did not want.

The Democrat leadership really believes that if they pass this by any means necessary, the issue will go away and the Democrat base will be happy and turn out to keep congress in the hands of the Democrats.

Well, these people better get off the wacky tobacky they are smoking. Or the Night Train or Thunderbird they are drinking.

The aggregate congressional polling according to Real Clear Politics is at a great 19%.

Yes, 19%.

No these are not just Fox News polls. They are from all the major polling companies. In fact, the latest Gallup poll shows this number

Approve: 16%
Disapprove: 80%

And the four percent that are not sure.

These numbers will not improve between now and November.

In fact, the Democrat base may be so confident that they will not show up in the November. And maybe it will not matter because the White House and congress have lost the independents. And losing independents means losing elections. Ask the Republicans in congress right now how the fire up the base theory only works out.

One other note about independents.

Many are indeed conservatives. Many of these self-identified conservatives do not align with the Republican party because they feel the party does not reflect them on a whole host of issues.

The whole reason that the Democrats are pushing this so-called health care "reform" scam is that they really believe this will keep them in power.

We shall see that in November.

And remember, there is still time to keep the pressure on so that the Democrats do not get more than 210 votes on the so-called health care reform "scam"!

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