Friday, March 12, 2010

It Is Woman's History Month-Except For Real Women

Thanks to Gay Patriot, B. Daniel Blatt, I found out that it is Women's History Month.
It is a time to revel and reflect on the role of women in the American society. How under the way we became a nation, women gained more than in any other nation in the world.
But, as B. Daniel reminds us, if one lives in West Hollywood, California, one would not actually know about women that actually accomplished something real and tangible in their lives. And in the lives of many women.
It is nice, I suppose, to see women the likes of Billie Jean King, Zelda Gilroy, Susan Sarandon, Hillary Clinton and Betty Friedan featured in images around WeHo.
But, too bad some other women did not get an image on a street lamp in WeHo.
Here is where B. Daniel gets interesting:

You know, like, well, the first (and so far only) female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the current Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the first female Ambassador the United Nations, the first African-American woman Secretary of State, the first woman Governor of Alaska or the woman who led a successful grassroots movement to prevent the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

So that you know, since if you are a yout and will not learn this in school, I will name the aforementioned above.
First female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Margaret Thatcher (Conservative party)
Current Chancellor of Germany: Angela Merkel (Christian Democrat and conservative)
First female American ambassador to the United Nations: Jeanne Kirkpatrick (Democrat but became a Republican)
First Black female Secretary of State: Condolezza Rice (Republican and conservative)
First woman governor of Alaska: Sarah Palin (Republican and conservative)
The woman who defeated the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, a hero to your humble blogger: Phylis Schaffley.
These women actually did something rather than blather on about how they were somehow victims. They got out and ran for office. Or actually realized that women and other groups did not need special treatment dressed up as "equal rights". Many of these women went on to get a higher education and serve admirably in some of the highest posts in this Great Land.
It would be nice to celebrate the accomplishment of a wide variety of women, not just the politically correct ones. Too bad the city leaders in WeHo did not get the memo.
Oh, my bad!
They did get the memo! But, they do not believe the aforementioned women accomplished anything.
Thanks to B. Daniel Blatt, a proud gay American and patriot, for reminding us of the accomplishment of some other women.

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