Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Reminder For Democrats For 2010

Last March, I stumbled onto a piece by Jeffrey Lord of The American Spectator about the contrast of the 1964 Democrat election landslide and the 1966 midterm elections. And I had a post on it here.
Keep in mind that Medicare had already been passed by healthy majorities in both houses of congress in 1965. And a helluva lot of the so-called "Great Society" was already in place by the time the 1966 midterm elections had taken place.
Even with a Johnsonwhore media (President Lyndon B. Johnson), the Republicans took 47 seats in the House. And made marginal gains in the senate.
This is something to think about fellow Tea Party people.
April 15 is coming fast my friends.
We have a chance to make last April 15 seem like nothing.
We need to channel our energy to support candidates that will restore common sense to Washington. And Sacramento. And Pasadena. Every where in the United States.
You, the people, are not going to take this assault on health care lying down. You are going to remind these Democrats from now until November.
Tomorrow I will comment about the lessons that should have been learned in this saga and where we really go from here.
But read the article I linked. And keep in mind. 47 seats would give the Republicans the House.


Stopthepresses2 said...

Why wait for November? Why wait until Obama tries to force another socialist program down our throats? Now is not the time to shrivel away. Now is the time to stand up and fight back harder then ever before. Now is the time to take the fight to them. Will you join us on a campaign to DESTROY THE MOUTHPIECE OF OBAMA'S SOCIALIST AGENDA, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA? WE ARE IN A FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY, A FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE. Join the fight here,

skeneogden said...

March 23rd, 2010......a day that will live in infamy (apologies to FDR).