Friday, March 12, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Is A Jackass

There, I wrote what even the most partisan Democrat must be thinking!
There are soooooo many reasons for Mrs. Pelosi's jackassery, but this thought of why we must, must I tell you, pass the abomination of so-called health care "reform" is quite possibly the capper.
Here is the money quote from Mrs. Pelosi:

"Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance."

Yes, I would like to think of getting those that choose to be lazy actually doing something productive.
Now, I do not hate artists and or photographers. And, clearly, not writers. But come on, Jackass Nancy! You can not be serious?!
My bad!
Of course you are.
Here at this link, Mary Katherine Ham deconstructs the idiocy of the gal that is two heartbeats away from becoming president. God forbid! Makes me think that Vice-President Biden is not so bad after all.
See, Jackass Nancy, there have to be p r o d u c t i v e people, ie, w o r k e r s, to fund this so-called health care "reform". Without the p r o d u c t i v e, w o r k i n g people, the tax-payers, there will be no unicorns for the artist, photographer or writer.
Someone has to pay for all of this, Jackass Nancy!
The other thing is that there is a point in life in which one should realize that there is a passion and then there is making money, providing for one's wife or husband, and a family. Today, people can really do both. It is not like in any other period of time in human history.
I love doing this blog. I have total freedom to write about what I want to any time and almost any place. But, can I make money doing this? Maybe, maybe not.
But I have a responsibility to the greater society to be productive. I get up at 5:50am Monday through Friday and have a "day job". So does Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast. We do our jobs, pay our own way in this Great Land of opportunity.
And because we have so many modern conveniences like a computer and the like, I can do what is a passion. And, I do not want anyone else subsidising my passion at the expense of my wife and myself being productive members of society.
But to hear Jackass Nancy tell it, somehow I will have to subsidize someone who can produce a gem piece of art such as Piss Christ. Because after all, he would not have the trouble of having a "day job" just to pay for health care. I mean, it is not enough that the "artist", Andres Serrano, received $15,000 from you and I-the American taxpayer. We should make sure he gets to some good ol' government health care!
Hey, maybe we can make sure all those photographers that take pictures of porno stars and starlets are signed up for Jackass Nancy health care. Well, at least they make money doing what they do.
Hey, maybe I should quit my "day job" and while I am at it, maybe the government should pay for my housing as well. You know, that gets in the way of my writing. Having to pay someone for a place to live.
And these people, the Dear Leader, President Obama, Jackass Nancy and Dingy Harry Reid wonder why the majority of the American people are not keen on this power grab by the federal government. The majority of people are working, taxpayers. People that already have health insurance. Usually through the employer. And they are not selfish that they do not want to find a way to help truly down-and-out people. That is the American way. But it is not the American way to subsidize sloth. And that, whether Jackass Nancy realizes it or not, is what she actually suggested.
My fellow Americans, we have a week to slay this multi headed dragon. Jackass Nancy and company are desperate to find ways to ram this so-called health care "reform" down our throats.
It is why we all need to get busy and reach out to our congressmen and senators. Even if their minds are made up to vote for this abomination. The more that they hear from us, the hard-working regular American people, the more possible it is to change minds.
Some minds are already numb. One of those would be that of Jackass Nancy Pelosi. Let's see to it that we help her off the government dole come November!


Phoenixism said...

Yeah, in general I think her comment is not the height of reasonableness.

Everyone is concentrating about the "artist" portion but she did also mention the ability to be an "entrepreneur" without having to worry about health insurance.

On both counts I can't argue with her logic, on the face of it. But there seems something that just doesn't sit right with her thought process. I don't feel her ends justify her means.

Starting a business, writing a play...these are things you do because you enjoy the artistry or the risk, not because you expect Mommy Government to pay your way and cushion your risk.

Righty64 said...

Good point about the entrepreneur. I think that was just an afterthought of Jackass Nancy. It is all about risk as you point out. And those that take the risk do get rewarded. And yes, sometimes they fail. And get right back up and try again. Because they enjoy it. As I wrote, I do not want or need the government to "help" me.