Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care "Reform" Scam Will Not Get Out Of House

I do not like to make such a bold prediction with out a round number.
The prediction that Jackass Nancy Pelosi and her Goon Squad do not have the requisite number of suicide representatives to get the so-called health care "reform" scam out of the House.
I do not necessarily share Rep. Bart Stupak's (D-Mich) optimism that the Democrat-controlled House does not even have 200 votes.
So, here is how the vote will go down.
The final tally will be 210-220 and the bill will burn in flames.
Bill Kristol over at the Weekly Standard has been saying that there will not be a bill this year.
I think that he is right.
And I think that this will kill it once and for all and the Dear Leader, President Obama, will have to go back to the drawing board if he wants any kind of bill on so-called health care "reform".
But, come back here this weekend and see if your humble blogger is correct.

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