Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gov. Perry Wins Big In Texas

In one of the most bitter Republican gubernatorial primaries in memory, Texas incumbent Gov. Rick Perry easily defeated Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina in his bid for a third complete term as governor.
The battle was really between Gov. Perry and Sen. Hutchison.
Gov Perry has ridden the anti-establishment express and scored over Washington insider Sen. Hutchison. Mrs. Medina was a Tea party activist, and could have forced this race into a runoff. But, Mrs. Medina did not do herself any favors when seemingly tacitly wondering if there were nefarious forces behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Gov. Perry has had his ups and downs. Just when one thinks that he is out, he gets up and fights like the dickens and has won most of the time. Whereas Gov. Perry is more of the street fighter, Sen. Hutchison is the type of classy, above-the-fray politician. And it showed.
One of the things that hampered Sen. Hutchison was that she promised to resign as senator and devote all her energy to fighting with Gov. Perry for the Republican governor's nomination. But, Sen. Hutchison never did. And Gov. Perry bludgeoned Sen. Hutchison for that probable fatal mistake. It was a classic outsider, Gov. Perry. vs. entrenched insider, Sen. Hutchison.
And, Gov. Perry took advantage of anti-Washington, anti-Dear Leader, President Obama, sentiment in the Lone Star State.
Gov. Perry also ran a very unconventional campaign.
There was no yard signs. No annoying phone calls. Little of the traditional nuts-and-bolts of the modern campaign.
Except that the Perry campaign was all over the social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Craig's List. And the Perry campaign played this for all it was worth. And that was victory.
For the Democrats, former Houston mayor Bill White will be the sacrificial lamb to Gov. Perry.
This race is done.
Now, on to November!

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