Thursday, March 18, 2010

Encourage Some California Congressmen To Vote No On Obamacare

Even here in the once Golden State, there are at least a couple of Democrat congressmen that tacitly pass themselves off as "Blue Dog" Dems. They sound moderate at election time yet vote strangely to the left of their voters.
But, no matter that minor detail.
Here is a way to make your voice heard, whether you live in their districts or not. Whether you live in California or not.
These three members of congress, Dennis Cardoza, Jim Costa and Loretta Sanchez, like to tell voters they are fiscally responsible. Well, tell them that if they vote for the abomination known as so-called health care "reform", you will not forget them at election time. If you do live in their district, tell them that if they intend to vote yes, you will vote against them. And donate money to their Republican opponent. And that you will tell your friends in the district and they will do the same. And that you will tell people across the United States so that they can donate cash to their opponent.
Here is the contact info for the three aforementioned congressmen:

Congressman Dennis Cardoza
District Office: (209) 527-1914
Washington Office:(202) 225-6131
Email form HERE

Congressman Jim Costa
District Phone:559-495-1620
Washington Phone:202-225-3341
Email form HERE

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez
District Phone: (714) 621-0102
Washington Phone: (202) 225-2965
Email form HERE

Some caveats.
Messrs. Cardoza and Costa are attempting to be bribed by opening up some water spickets to some desperate farmers who need it. Oh, the spickets are on to "protect" the California Delta Smelt. It is an out and out bribe. If one was not a member of congress, they would be with Bernie Madoff.
I do not put much stock in the "Blue Dog" image Mrs. Sanchez puts out there. But she may be in some real election trouble. Her district is becoming much more Asian. And Republican. And her GOP opponent, state assemblyman Van Tran, is her toughest opponent in a while. A little pressure may not hurt to put on Mrs. Sanchez.
I will add my own congressman, Adam Schiff. OK, you can call him Adam Schift. He is going to vote for this abomination. But, you can let him know that you will not vote for his reelection. And that you will actively campaign for and donate to his Republican opponent, John Colbert. Rep. Schiff may have won reelection last year with ease. But in a year of angst and visceral hatred of the crooks in Washington, Mr. Schiff can live in the bubble. But like many before him, he may lose come November.
Adam Schiff's information:

Washington D.C.
2447 Rayburn HOB
Washington D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4176
Facsimile: (202) 225-5828 View a Map

Pasadena, California
87 N. Raymond Ave. #800
Pasadena, California 91103
Phone: (626) 304-2727
Facsimile: (626) 304-0572View a Map

E-mail Rep Schiff here

Please, make sure to call both the Washington and local office. E-mail as well.
Do not believe that this abomination is inevitable. Call and let your voice be heard. It is the best way to make sure that the Dear Leader, President Obama, Jackass Nancy Pelosi and her Goon Sqaud do not get more than 210 votes!

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