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The Begining Of The End Of English "Civilization"?

Look at these two photos very carefully.
This is how many a Brit brought in the New Year on Wednesday as according to the London Daily Mail, there was a call to 999-the British equivalent to 911-every seven seconds as the nation seemed to be in a drunken, mayhem filled evening and morning of debauchery.
Things were so bad in a town called Tilehurst that drunken degenerates destroyed an ambulance that was at residence to tend to a 19 month old baby that possibly dislocated his shoulder. The parents had to take the toddler to the hospital in their own car.
The easiest contrast is the Rose Parade held here in Pasadena for 120 years now.
Nearly 1,000,000 people attend the parade every year. An overwhelming majority show up at noon, and really a lot earlier, on New Year's Eve and begin an overnight camp out to stake an area to watch as the parade goes by. With that large a crowd, how many people do you think were even arrested? Give up? The total was 39 arrests and out of that only one was a felony.
What is the difference in these two scenes of the West in the dawn of 2009?
I think that for the British, there is a lack of hope. A not so rosy view of the future for many.
In an increasing welfare state that is more and more opposing the very people that elected them to power, there is an increasing official and unofficial surrendering of the British way of life to radical Islam. The Church of England, the official church headed by Queen Elizabeth, has become irrelevant and is struggling to avoid all out schism. The Roman Catholic church is proposing to make prayer rooms available at their parochial schools for Islamic students. So, the government and a lot of Christianity in the Mother Country is giving in to a group of people that have only been in large numbers a part of British life for about 50 years.
There is a hopelessness in the people of Britain. There can not be an explanation other than that. It is not just on New Year's Eve that we see this debauchery.
It is worse for the hooligan football (soccer) fans that are known to go to matches on Continental Europe, tank up on booze and riot there. And for good measure these hooligan "fans" are as racist as they come.
Without a moral guide, whether it is the monarch, the church or the national political leadership, there is a sense that the people can do what they want.
Thus, there is no shame in a young lady, nearly passed out, yet attempting to induce vomiting. Or a young man bloodied in a drunken brawl.
Let's come back to Pasadena.
Many a family make the trek to Colorado Boulevard to camp out over night. Sure, some people are drinking when they are not suppose to. And many people are shooting off Silly String, again when they are not really suppose to. But, there is a certain amount of control about it. As long as people are not overly stupid, the police will leave them alone. But, because there are many families that are camping overnight on the street, they have a way to shame those who want to go overboard. There is still a certain amount of decorum that is absolutely expected and encouraged, even in revelry. Also, even in the worst of times, it is the American spirit of optimism that is everywhere on the parade route. People, young and old, thin and fat, White and Black, rich and poor and everything in between are all smiles, a feeling of happiness in the air. Living very close to the parade route and always having to walk Scout the Wonder Dog, we trek to the parade route to see what I refer to as "the crazies"-people willing to camp out no matter what to get that great view of the amazing Rose Parade.
I think that while I have not been to Britain to ring in a New Year, this certainly does not make me think it would be a good thing.
Maybe the British people are just numbing themselves as they see a potential for radical Islam to be allowed to take hold in many parts of Great Britain and there is a fear. Fear that those they had trusted to take a strong stand for the nation and against those that would seek to destroy it are giving up.
All I do know is that I will take 1,000,000 people at the Rose Parade in Pasadena over those who seem to have a strange way to "celebrate" a New Year in Britain.
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a corgi said...

I so totally agree with you; there is so much lost hope in this world; I fear for our country because I fear it is turning more and more away from the founding fathers' faith and I fear one day we may lose hope too; unless our hope is built on a more solid foundation than the world's hope but on the Rock of Jesus

cool you live so close to the parade route!! I'm a "sucker" to enjoy a parade; but not one to be in that large of a crowd


DoorHold said...

How about comparing American riots-over-nothing to British depravity? Can those riots-over-nothing be explained by hopelessness and a loss of national spirit? Even when the preferred sports team wins, but there's a riot anyway?

I'm sure there are peaceable gatherings in the U.K.

I'd put the blame for things getting out of hand on their neutered police force, and lowered expectations of civility (which is close to what you've said).