Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lindsay Graham Sucking-Up To President-Elect Obama

If you want to add another reason why the Republican party fared so poorly in this past November's election, look no further than South Carolina "Republican" Sen. Lindsay Graham.
If anyone was paying attention during the presidential campaign, Sen. Graham hung on the Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain as if he was but an appendage of the senior Solon from Arizona. Everywhere Sen. "F--- You" McCain was, there was the lap dog, Sen. Graham.
I guess that Sen. Graham is tired of being Sen. "F--- You" McCain's lap dog and is now attaching himself at the hip to President-elect Obama according to this report in The Politico.
Among the nuggets:

  • Obama nodded pensively as Graham explained that he looks forward to working with Obama to win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – even if he would have preferred a different outcome in November.
  • Graham then offered support for the president-elect’s beleaguered Treasury pick and even gave an unsolicited glowing review of Obama's popularity abroad. "I cannot tell you how much enthusiasm we saw in Pakistan for the new president."

Once again, the tone of "bipartisanship" rang through loud and clear.
My problem is that "bipartisanship" is a code for Republicans holding water for Democrat positions. Not that Democrats may reach out to support any Republican initiatives.
That was the problem in the Republicans having a candidate as Sen. "F--- You" McCain at the top of the ticket.
On numerous issues, there was not much different between Sen. "F--- You" McCain and then Democrat candidate Sen. Obama. On "climate change", closing down the prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, domestic policy. Too much agreement with the other side. And with that, voters wisely chose the real deal. The other side. And President-elect Obama.
Now, this sniveler, Sen. Graham is hanging his hat on becoming the real Republican sycophant to President-elect Obama. And, don't think it does not marginalize ol' bipartisan Sen. "F--- You" McCain.
Remember, Sen "F--- You" McCain did not earn that "F--- You" because he shouted that to a Democrat, a friend. Ask Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn.
In a time in which Republicans need to be able to offer fresh alternatives to President-elect Obama and his initiatives, we can always count on "Republicans" as Sen. Graham to do all in his power to hit at his fellow Republicans to score brownie points with his friends, the Democrats.
Hope and change, baby! Hope and change!


Pat Jenkins said...

64 this is another example consevatives have two political enemies now. republicans, and liberals. who are both trying to margainalize right voices!

skeneogden said...

Either the Republicans will return to their conservative roots or they will cease to exist as a viable option to the Dems.

I fear for my children and grandchildren if the Dems get their wish of implementing a European style social democracy. It will be the end of the grand experiment our founding fathers initiated and that they hoped would be wisely implemented and administered.

DoorHold said...

"... "bipartisanship" is a code for Republicans holding water for Democrat positions. Not that Democrats may reach out to support any Republican initiatives."

Bush's biggest failure was not accepting the truth of that statement.