Sunday, January 04, 2009

More From The Cult O' Obama

In this era of Hope and Change, it appears that the local fish wrap, the Pasadena Star-News, is getting in to the act.
For your consideration, this front-page story on a group of Obamiacs that must have not realized that there had been volunteer opportunities before the assent of The One.
No, these people only realized that there were volunteer opportunities when they went to work to elect President-elect Barack Obama. This group calls itself Obama Boosters of the Foothills.
Read what one of these "volunteers" had to say about the effort they will put in cleaning up neighborhoods in and around Pasadena:

Roz Witt of Altadena was enthusiastic about being part of a national movement.
"This is the first time in my life I've been so excited about an election," she said. "I want to be part of the change - I think that pretty well sums it up."

So this question is for Roz. Before The One, did you not care about your neighborhood? Did you not notice that, oh maybe the local park is full of litter and looks not to good? I guess not. You had to be motivated by The One.
And that question is for all these sycophants that are now taking part in volunteer efforts. Did they not care before being motivated by The One?
Why is it that you needed Barack Obama to make you realize that you need to be a part of the society? Could you not find outlets to volunteer before now?
Here is my motivation.
It comes from seeing the world around me. I know that there are problems. One that I care about but write little if anything on this blog is that plight of those who are addicts. Many end up in the revolving door of the state. It could be welfare, social services that is supposed to help but often hinders and yes, for some, jail. And, how do they get back into society when they realize how their addictions not only screwed up their lives but almost always the ones that they love and care for the most? My church sponsors a couple of group transitional homes. I have got to know some of the people that are there and some attend my church. And, Mrs. rightviewfromtheleftcoast and I do what we can, when we can, to support this vital effort to bring the lost back into society.
I did not need to have a political leader tell me that I needed to do that.
But, these people apparently do. This article shows that that there is something wrong to think that only when a politician gives a speech that we should get up and do something.
We should always be ready to do something. No matter how bad many of our lives are, there is some one's that is worse.
If that was not enough, more Obamacultery was found on the Star-News op-ed page in a column by Morton Kondracke about obesity and The One.
Somehow, Mr. Kondracke thinks that the president-elect's strong exercise regimen is a good example to follow. And, Lord knows that President-elect Obama exercises because almost daily we are told how he was either on his way to a workout or coming back from one.
Contrast that with this lovely piece about another president that also has a strong exercise regimen.
Former Los Angeles Time columnist Jonathan Chiat seems to think that President Bush and his exercise regimen is "obsessive" and "creepy".
Oh, my bad!
I forgot.
President-elect Obama is a Democrat. President Bush is a Republican.
So, to follow the logic, when a Republican president puts an effort in to a strong exercise regimen, it is obsessive and creepy. But when a Democrat president-elect does the same thing, that is what is needed to fight the rampant obesity problem in the United States.
That is the ticket!
What Mr. Chait did was trivialize something important to President Bush. Had he gotten off the Bush Derangement Syndrome train and realized that the president sets a good example in eating right and getting as much exercise as possible, that would have been something to write about. But, that would mean having to say something positive about President Bush. And, to be deep in BDS, one can not say anything that may be remotely positive about President Bush.
So, Mr. Kondracke, who must have been asleep on the Bush exercise "obsession" the past eight years, does what Mr. Chiat could not be brought to do.
And, yet I find Mr. Kondracke's piece and worship of the Obama exercise regimen "creepy".
Because it calls for, you guessed it, government involvement. And of course the well meaning liberal cites the health of obese individuals and the medical costs.
There is no question that there are a lot of fat people in the United States. I am one of them. Yet, again, I do not feel that the government needs to tell me to lose weight. How to do it. How to eat. That is an adult, personnel decision. And yes, I do know that there are physical costs to being overweight.
But, there has been a lot of debate about simply being overweight and being obese. The standard keeps getting lower and lower for one to be considered obese.
I have no problem with President Bush and President-elect Obama and the way that they eat and do take the time to get exercise in their schedules. Both have an enormous responsibility as the leader of the United States and the free world. Thus if it helps them, it also can help the nation.
But, look for all things bright and beautiful from now on. Because of Hope and Change baby! Hope and Change!


a corgi said...

I'm always reminded of Psalm 146:3-4 "Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men who cannot save; when their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing".

I don't get this hope that so many people have on Mr. Obama. I feel for them when they will get disappointed and I know they will get disappointed because as good of a job as he may do, he is still a person, he is still flawed like all of us are. He is not the hope of the nation nor can he bring the hope that God can bring. I also feel for Mr. Obama, having so many people expecting so much from him; when it all falls apart and sadly I think it will, I hope they turn to the only One that can bring hope, joy, contentment and peace.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

For someone who's so eager to stake his claim in some guy with a beard floating up in the clouds; in a collection of essays written by various Hebrew mythologists thousands of years ago; and in the multiple alleged accounts of the life of an unemployed rabble rouser, you sure do like to diss people who've been inspired to act, in whatever way, by a current political figure.

"Judge not, lest ye be judged," or something like that, eh?

DoorHold said...

"Mr. Kondracke thinks that the president-elect's strong exercise regimen is a good example to follow."

"Former Los Angeles Time columnist Jonathan Chiat seems to think that President Bush and his exercise regimen is "obsessive" and "creepy"."

BSD in a nutshell.

a corgi: "I ... feel for Mr. Obama, having so many people expecting so much from him; when it all falls apart ..."

It won't, OWS (Obama Worship Syndrome) will see to it.

How many people think Bill Clinton was a great President? Plenty. No list of debacles, no list of lost opportunities, no listing of faults will ever change their minds.

Obama has been granted the same protection from the reality of being human. WHATEVER happens, he'll come out looking just fine.